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Maximising online customer conversionJuly 7th, 2011

The internet has become an extremely competitive space to market products, so how do you stay ahead of the competition? Without physical sales people, how do you encourage visitors to click on the oh-so-important “add to basket” button?

These were just two of the issues addressed by blue-infinity at this year’s “Salon eCom”, which took place on the 24th May at the Ramada Hotel in Geneva. Laetitia Giannettini, Lead User Experience Consultant, and Guillaume Arluison, Open Source Solutions Practice Manager, teamed up for a presentation on how to optimize product landing pages to convert visitors into buyers. To illustrate this, Laetitia and Guillaume discussed usability best practices across different e-commerce sites, which included the often overlooked work that goes into attracting people to your product page – effective SEO.







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Search engine optimization (SEO) – what does it mean in practice?September 5th, 2009

Referencing and positioning – here is often confusion about the two terms. Referencing means to tell the search engine that your site exists, while positioning is about placing your site as high as possible for relevant search queries.

Very few sites escape the vigilence of search engines, most are therefore referenced. It is quite often the case though that the positioning of a site is disastreous, which is often due to structural problems with the site itself. blue-infinity recently audited a site with perfect design but with a technical architecture that was badly done: only the homepage had been referenced by Google. A Google search on product names of the client didn’t even bring up the client’s site, but a counterfeight one!

To enhance your positioning on search results, you need to do the following:

  • carefully choose your page titles
  • add a description of your page in the META tag “description”
  • use search-engine friendly URLs (instead of display
  • maintain a consistent navigation
  • use descriptive links (not: click here!)
  • structure the content of your pages with valid HTML tags
  • promote your site and have others link to it.

Read more about SEO strategies in this White Paper on SEO (French)

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